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The 6 Most Valuable Star Wars Action Figures

There are some movies that become such cult classics that they continue to stand the test of time. One such series of movies, Star Wars, takes the top position in that category, and is still a fan favorite after all these years. Additionally, the action figures that were created during the original three Star Wars movies are so highly collectable that many of them are of great value now. Here are the top 6 most valuable Star Wars actions figures. If you own any of these, then consider yourself one lucky collector.

1. Jawa, Vinyl Cape. Made in 1978

The original Jawa figures included a vinyl cape, but only after a short run, the makers decided a fabric cape would look less cheap. Because of this, there are only a handful of the toys that have the original vinyl cape. A vinyl cape Jawa is worth about $1000 if sealed in original packaging.

2. The Blue Snaggletooth. Made in 1978.

Created in the first run of Star Wars toys, Snaggletooth was a part of the Cantina play set. Somehow, in the creation of the toy, the first sets of them were blue instead of the reddish color from the movie. This was corrected later the same year, but any of the blue snaggletooth toys left are worth about $100 each.

3. Telescoping Lightsaber Luke. Made in 1978.

The first action figures of Luke Skywalker included a light saber that telescoped out of his arm. This model did not last very long simply because the tiny plastic piece was too fragile and too easily damaged for kids to play with. The telescoping light saber was soon removed. Because there are so few of these new in package, even the toy without packaging is worth about $600.

4. Vlix

For a short time, a cartoon was released called Droids. While the cartoon itself did not have a long run, its effects certainly have. The action figures that were released during this cartoon never made it to shelves because the show was cancelled. The company that planned to make the toys went ahead with it, creating just a handful of the Vlix figures, which are now worth about $4000 a pop.

5. Luke Skywalker Dressed as Storm Trooper. Made in 1985.

This toy was made during a series of action figures called the “Power of the Force” line. During the mid eighties, the interest in the Star Wars movies had slowed a bit, so toys did not sell as well and retailers stopped carrying them. This means that not many of the toys are available. Additionally, the Storm trooper Luke toy is the only one in the line that comes from the “A New Hope” movie and not one of the sequels, making it even more unique. Storm trooper Luke without packaging is worth about $100.

6. Yak Face. Made in 1985.

This is another character from the “Power of the Force” collection. Since this character only appeared in “The Return of the Jedi” for approximately 3 seconds, it is quite surprising that it was ever made into a toy. Because of this, the toy makers stopped making it quite quickly and replaced it with a more popular character. A Yak Face without packaging is worth about $150, but one that is sealed in packaging is worth a whopping $2250.

There are many Star Wars figures that are certainly valuable and collectible. Anyone who was lucky enough to buy one way back when should certainly recognize what they have on hand. Chances are, the value of these toys will only continue to rise in the future as interest in Star Wars ebbs and flows.

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